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Furniture Delivery with Assembly in Sterling Heights, MI

Many of our clients have taken advantage of our furniture delivery and assembly services. Whether you are needing furniture delivered or items assembled, our team is ready to deliver.

We understand the extra precautions that need to be considered when moving heavy items. Therefore we follow the appropriate protocol to relocate and assemble your cherished pieces. 

Along with being expert movers, we have a team of professional furniture assemblers. In addition we are fully capable of assembling even the most difficult furniture items. This skillset makes us the go-to moving company for furniture delivery.

With your expensive furniture, you need a professional moving company that understands that a scratch may reduce the value of your furniture. Furthermore, in this regard, we employ absolute caution.

Michigan Moving Service has delivered and assembled multiple furniture pieces. We have experience in everything from large furniture pieces to difficult entertainment systems. Call today and speak to a representative to get started.

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Residential Furniture Sets

Are you looking to buy new furniture, but skeptical because of delivery issues? We can help! Instead of trying to force large furniture pieces into your car, you can opt for a more capable option. Hire professional movers to move your new items.

Old furniture items can become an eyesore. Furniture such as sofas, loveseats, and old dining tables are usually difficult to remove from the home. Our moving professionals have considerable experience in moving many types of furniture pieces.


Appliances can also be tedious to transport and you may not exactly be up to the task. When in this situation, it’s best to rely on a professional service. We are familiar with handling and transporting appliances and all the precautions to take. 

Our top notch moving professionals will take every step necessary to deliver your appliances. Un-scratched and in the same condition as when we started the move is the only way we return your items.

Electrical items can be disastrous if not handled properly. Therefore, when moving it is important to have a system in place. This will assure the protection of not only the appliance itself, but also the electrical wires as well. 

Furniture  Assembly Process

Furniture delivery and assembly services is a highly requested service. We know how much work goes into delivering furniture and are equipped to handle it. Some items require a more delicate process. Our customers expect a moving service they can trust. Every item should be moved securely without breakage, and that is what we deliver. 

We make the process simple. Fill out a quote form or give us a call. After scheduling your furniture delivery and or service, we will deliver and assemble your items. No need to stuff heavy furniture in your vehicle and no frustrating complicated instructions. 

We know furniture assembly can be frustrating and time consuming. We want to make your life less complicated. Our assembling team specializes in putting together difficult items in no time. Our furniture assembly and delivery service is perfect for our busy clients. Professionals who need their items quickly assembled with no hassle are who we help. 

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