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Courier Service Same Day Package Delivery

Some packages are smaller and need to be delivered as soon as possible. We understand our clients need local same day delivery. Therefore, we have included it as an option for your moving needs. 

 Michigan Moving Service offers our  local Sterling Heights customers same day courier service. Our same day service allows you to transport your item locally within a short amount of time, in most cases the same day.

At Sterling Heights Moving Service, security is paramount and in this regard, we ensure maximum protection of your item. Instead of frantically panicking about how to get your items delivered you can leverage our same day courier service.

With our same day delivery options, your recipient will get the item as soon as possible, the same day in most instances. Our courier delivery team has considerable experience in delivering express packages. They know how to meet deadlines to assure your packages are delivered on time. 

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Local Same Day Delivery Service

Notably, we are aware that some items might require extra caution due to the sensitive nature of the package. Appropriate measures are always taken to assure a timely delivery route. You can trust that your item or items are safe and will be delivered as scheduled. 

Our courier service agent will be in full communication with you.  You will be informed as soon as the item gets to your recipient. Our goal is to make the service easy for you, so you feel comfortable trusting us with your package delivery needs. 

Courier Delivery Service

Medical Delivery Service

If you are looking to convey medical items such as test results, pharmaceuticals, or other similar items, you can leverage our medical delivery service as we are known to beat deadlines.

Our professional movers are trained to deliver items within tight deadlines. You can rest assured that the items will get to your desired location as we treat medical deliveries as paramount.

Financial Documents

We understand that financial documents are important  so we treat them as high priority. If you are looking to deliver financial documents to another party, you can trust that it will be safely delivered as your items are kept under close and strict surveillance. We are confident in our ability to deliver your financial documents aptly and timely.


Express Delivery 

We understand that some of our clients have an emergency service or are working on a very tight schedule. Therefore we are pleased to offer an express delivery service. 

Our express delivery service ensures that your recipient gets any item you’re looking to deliver within the shortest time frame possible. Instead of wondering how to get your items to your recipient in the case of an emergency, you can opt for our services. We have expert logistic solutions to deliver your items speedily. 

We also take emergency issues quite seriously and this allows us to over-deliver in most cases. We are quite confident in the viability of our services, so rest assure that you are in expert hands.

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